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Recs and Crossover Recs From TtH!!!

Hay everyone!!! This is my old school HP Rec and HP/BtVS(and AtS of course)  Crossover Rec List  from Twisting the Hellmouth and Why I love them ^_^ Enjoy!!! (btw, everything is completed except 3 stories, its really hard for me to read a non-completed story, I don't know why~)  (Oh! HP =Harry Potter, BtVS= Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and AtS= Angel the Series)


Any fic by Echo really is amazing, because she is very well-written!

HP Rec
1. Absolutely Spiffing by Echo. It's Katie/Percy, mention of Fred/Angelina and George/Alicia. Summary: George and Fred Weasley have decided they've had it with Katie Bell's ill-fated crush on Oliver Wood. (written pre-OotP)
-I love this fic because the characterization of Percy and Katie are spot on! The Weasleys' are all really funny and I feel that every character is lovable. I naturally really like Percy, but even people who don't/didn't like Percy likes this fic, and can see why he is a great character.
(Short-Medium, 8 Chapters)

2. I Have Never Felt Your Fear by Echo. It's Draco/Ginny, Blaise/Luna, Goyle/Padma, mentions of Neville/Hannah. Summary: Ginny learns a thing or two about what being a Slytherin can really be like through an unexpected source. (Written pre-HPB)
- AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING! D/G use to be my OTP and it was also got me into H/D. However this story always reminds me of why I am a D/G fan, also Blaise/Luna is phenomenal here, this is the story that made Blaise/Luna shippers I think. Anyways, all the characters are amazing! Goyle is way OOC, in a really good way!!! Ginny is perfect, as is Draco, Luna, and Padma. Blaise is beyond awesomely characterized! And his fetish will be loved by all, I assure you, Actually I just love Blaise here, he's so funny~ And there's Tracey Davis! Tracey  just makes me want *squee* I also really like Snape here. This was also the fic that made me not feel so upset when Neville/Hannah was made canon. (Also on Twisting the Hellmouth it won best Non-BtVS/AtS Story)
(Medium-Long, 20 Chapters)
* and the SHORT SMUTTY SEQUEL (more like outtake I think): Polyjuice Perversion
(Short One-Shot) 

3. Eternal Sunshine of the Slytherin Mind by Echo. It's Marcus/Katie, Blaise/Luna, Harry/Pansy, and mentions of Draco/Ginny. Summary: Though Voldemort has fallen, someone is after Katie Bell for being on the Potter side of the war. She gets one of the most interesting and unlikely protective custody details ever issued.
-I really liked the characterization of the Slytherin 4: Marcus, Blaise, Pansy, and Draco. They're friendship is awesome. The scenario of this story is also something that I like a lot! Katie interacting with everyone and every member of the Slytherin 4 is so cool, and there are definately funny moments. Blaise is a lot like the Blaise and I Have Never Felt Your Fear, funny and perverse. Harry and Pansy are very in character which makes this paring funny. Also Luna and Ginny are in character as well, which naturally makes Luna awesome.
(Medium, 11 Chapters) 

4.A Bit of the Dark Sinister by Echo. It's Draco/Ginny, with mentions of Ron/Hermione, Remus Lupin/Arabella Figg. Summary: Draco and Ginny had a "moment" in the past that resulted in... another person, a person whose Malfoyishness was always mistaken for Weasley spunk. (pre-OotP)
-THIS IS AWESOME! I really like Draco as an adult here! Grandpa Snape is also so cool here! And return of elbow-in-the-butter-dish!Ginny. Ginny is beyond relatable, and lovable here. Also Narcissa and Sirius are great here! Ron is perfect!!!! Ron's reactions to everything is spot on! Lupin and Arabella Figg are also really cool. I think everyone will love Alison and Wolfgang, they're just aimiable people!
(Medium, 16 Chapters) 

5. Fired by Echo. It's Percy/Katie. Summary: Percy gets something he didn't even know he needed.
-It's super fluffy, and lovey and cute!
(Short, One Shot) 

6. Carpe Viperae by Echo. It's Harry/Pansy. Summary: How one very unlikely couple, Harry Potter and Pansy Parkinson, gets together and all the gossip and confusion that goes with it.
- Harry/Pansy use to be one of my main ships, and this is a well executed short fic of them. 
(Short One Shot) 
*and its sequel : Viper Revisited I really like this! Pansy is so bad-ass and she does have a very, very small soft side and its so sweetly shown here!
(Short One Shot) 

7. Hysteria by Echo. It's Blaise/Luna. Summary: Luna Lovegood gets the unhappy task of interrogating Blaise Zabini and little more than she bargains for.
-Love, my second favorite Blaise/Luna story.  I really like how fearless Luna is, and just Blaise's overall attitude.
Short, One Shot) 

HP/BtvS and AtS Crossover Fic Rec
At first I was really nervous about Crossover fics, and whether they were any good or not, but it turns out some are really amazing, that I had to rec the ^_^

1. The Life of Brian by Echo. It's Draco/Dawn, with mentions of past Severus Snape/Joyce Summers. Summary: Remember Joyce's date she went on in "I Was Made to Love You"? With some guy named Brian. This is a "what if" about said date, and it sort of ran wild. Severus Snape gets the guardianship of a certain key. (pre-OotP for HP, thru "The Gift" for BtVS)
(Medium-Long, 17 Chapters)
*Terms of Endearment by Echo. It's Severus Snape/Joyce Summers. Summary: Joyce and Snape's "date" from Life of Brian.
(Short One Shot)
*Chasing Amy by Echo. It's Marcus Flint/Amy Madison, mentions of Draco/Dawn, past Lucius/Catherine, and Percy/Katie.
This series is one of my favorite Crossover Series! Dawn and Anya are lovable, funny, and awesomely characterized! Draco and Dawn is so bad-ass. And Snape and Joyce is so sweet. However out of all the ships Marcus and Amy are my favorites! This is before Amy goes bad, and I actually really liked Amy before all of that. Amy and Marcus is beyond amazing, and I love Percy as always. I almost forgot Spike! AH! Spike is wicked awesome, words can't describe, and I love how he integrades in everybody's life. Oh and Sirius and Snape are beyond hysterical, Narcissa is pretty bad-ass as well, and Remus is one of my least favorite characters in general, but this fic makes me really like him!
 (Short-Medium, 10 Chapters)

2. The Drop Verse by Echo. This series is EPIC! It's probably one of the best Crossovers in the history of the world ever! It won and was nominated for many awards on TtH, and I loved it, and every time I read it I found something else thats amazing. There's so many ships I may forget to list them all. The main ship that I think is present is Willow/Snape (MY CROSSOVER OTP, this fic made it that, and you'll see why) , Draco/Ginny, Harry/Dawn. I can't give to much away because I don't want to ruin the fic. However Tara and Willow show they're Heterosexual tendencies here. ( It was started Pre-OotP for HP and thru Season 6 "Normal Again" for BtVS )
 (Epic- Super Long)
*A Drop in the Ocean by Echo. Summary: The missing naughty bits from 'A Drop in the Ocean' and 'Snake Charming' for those who like the lemon-y stuff.
-This is probably the biggest fic in Crossover! It's beyond amazing. I fell in love with the Characterization of everyone! This fic is also incredibly hilarious! This is where Snape and Draco get thier nicknames that are ever present in crossover fics. Tara's sexuality is OOC but beleive me you are willing to over look it with this fic, its amazing, she's still characterized quite well other than her sexuality. I LOVE EVERY CHARACTER IN THIS FIC! Neville is kick ass! He has a line I don't know if it's this one or the sequal but it kills me! And Every character, besides Voldemort and Peter Pettigrew will make everyone love them. I can't describe the awesome-ness of this.
 (Epic-Super Long 51 Chapters)
*Snake Charming by Echo. Summary: The sequel to "A Drop in the Ocean".
-Aside from Chasing Amy, this is my absoluABSOLUTE FAVORITE CROSSOVER FIC EVER! I think this ups its prequel. Of course, I love every character in this! Spike, Tonks, Connor and Wesley are major character in this, and they are characterized perfectly!  I love Anya here of course! Spike and Connor again are made of total win here! Faith is also here, and Faith is so cool here! Dawn, Lily, and Draco makes me want them to be my best friends here. Basically everyone really kicks ass here! This fic even makes me love Hermione, and I really don't like her, she's still canon, but its the good canon characteristics of her that shows ^_^
 (Epic-Super Long 52) Incomplete, BUT worth reading!!! I promise you and I don't usually read WIPs.
*Lemondrops by Echo. Summary: The missing naughty bits from 'A Drop in the Ocean' and 'Snake Charming' for those who like the lemon-y stuff.
-All the sexy, smutty outakes from A Drop in the Ocean and Snake Charming!
(Short, 5 Chapters) 

3. The Assistant by frk_werewolf. It's Wesley/Percy. Summary: Wesley recieves an assistant who is definitely more than he seems. (post-OotP)
- I Luff This! They're two of my favorite characters from Hp and BtVS/AtS, and I like how similar yet different they are! This is cute and I think its a bit fluffy yet sexy ^_~
(Short, One Shot) 
*The Letter by frk_werewolf. It's Wesley/Percy, with mentions of Draco/RonSummary: Wesley discovers he must now meet the family of Percy Weasley. Sequel to The Assistant.
(Short. One Shot)

4.Quid Pro Quo by Echo. It's Wesley/Narcissa. Summary: Wesley owes someone a life debt that he finally gets to repay, but even after fate's squared it all away, is it really all said and done?
-Totally Bad-ass! I love Narcissa's defect. I also really love how bad ass Wesley is in here, and Snape and Draco aren't bad either.
(Short, One Shot) 

5.Resolving Severus by Echo. It's Willow/Snape.Summary: No one can resist the power of the resolve face. (ficlet)
-This is so funny! It's from Snape's POV and it made me LMAO! Also, I love Willow's resolve face~
(Short, One Shot) 

6. Slytherin Scheming, Weasley Style by Lisa Roquin. It's Faith/Bill Weasley, mention of past Willow/KennedyWillow/Tara. Summary: *complete* Sort of Parent Trap Challenge... Veronica Weasley and Alexandra Wilkins meet up at their first year at Hogwarts--where they're both sorted to Slytherin.
-I don't know how I really feel about the Faith/Bill ship, and it's not mentioned much in the story as a whole, but it's nice and it definatley makes since. However this focus' more on their kids, and their kids are pretty kick-ass! So are the other next-gen kids in this series. it's all really funny as well! Professor Snape and Granger are really funny here as well~
(Long, 35 Chapters)
*Slytherin Scheming, Scrappy Style  by Lisa Roquin. Mentions of Harry/Xander, implied mentions of Xander/SpikeSummary: Severus *thought* he was going to have a quiet summer to recover from Lexa Wilkins and Ronni Weasley's first year at Hogwarts. Until Minerva invited Xander Harris and his son to spend the summer at Hogwarts. And Potter ends up with 3 Dursleys.
-Love, love, love! The next-gen characters of this series are sweet. Snape is as always hysterical when it comes to dealing with people. The Dursley offsprings are adorable really adorable, and Xander's off-spring is just generally really cool.
(Medium-Long, 24 Chapters) 

7. How the Queen of Swords Became the Queen of Cups by Echo. It's Faith/Percy. Summary: Faith has a difficult mission. If you can call having to protect Percy Weasley a mission.
-I really like this fic because Faith and Percy are both really in character, yet they fit together so perfectly here~
(Short, One Shot) 

8. I forgot what I wanted to put here, sorry.

9. Chase Malfoy of Diagon Alley London by Echo. It hints at Draco/Cordy, also hints at Marcus/Katie, Dean/Seamus. Summary: Cordelia gets a new champion... a very reluctant one. Includes the story "Cast Your Soul to the See".
-Katie is my favorite character in this story, she is unbelievably strong! However I love the Draco/Cordy-ness. They're both characterized really well. Also Lupin is in this, and he's all bad-ass, so it works.
(Medium-Short, 7 Chapters) Incomplete, but worth reading!

10. Oil & Water by AveMaria. It's Faith/Percy. Summary: Percy/Faith - Percy compares the differences between himself & Faith.
-It's short and sweet, and it describes both characters perfectly.
(Short, One Shot)

I will be updating this list, because I'm aware that I left out some other good ones, however I will have to update this later.


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Oct. 14th, 2008 07:52 am (UTC)
I love you.

And I wonder if anyone else is enough of BOTH a HP fangirl and a Buffy fangirl to squee the house down at the mention of Lucius/Catherine... Probably not, but that is the most FUCKING WICKED IDEA EVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVAR!!!!

And Faith/Percy???? And they're both IC???? WTF???? I'm DYING. And I'm afraid I may have to write crossover fic...

I suddenly want to write something with an interaction between Spike and Draco. Just an argument. The snark alone would kill me. And now I'm imagining how funny Xander and Ron chatting could be... Or Willow and Hermione geeking out. :D And Harry and Buffy could compare notes. Wow. There are a LOT of similarities here. *tilts head* Why am I just putting this together now??? And since Spike/Xander is my Buffy OTP, should that mean I ought to like Draco/Ron? *ponders more*


Oct. 14th, 2008 08:09 am (UTC)
^_^ bounces around!
Surprisingly there are many huge HP and BtVS/AtS fans, in fact I think HP/BtVS and AtS is the biggest HP crossover, for a while I thought it would be LotR, but I strongly doubt it.
LOLX Lucius/Catherine! I wonder if I can find a Crossover fic that is centered around them~
Oh yeah, Faith and Percy are in character <3 just the way everyone likes them (or at least I like them best that way ^_~)
Definitely! A lot of the HP personalities correspond greatly with BtVS/AtS! Everyone loves using Spike and Draco (definitely look into A Drop in the Ocean and Snake Charming). There is a lot of Spike/Draco, I have to rec some of course.

And LOLZ at the Draco/Ron! If liking Spike/Xander can equate to liking Draco/Ron, can that mean that you'd also be a Draco/Xander and Spike/Ron shipper?

YAY~ I is feeling the Luff!

*huggles back*
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